SEO reputation management is a service that companies are increasingly turning towards out of necessity. If negative search results are causing you grief, damaging your brand, or impacting sales, it is time to take action.


In today’s world of negative media consumption, one negative article, news story or bad customer review can impact your business. Too often, we see this type of content reach the top of Google’s search results and completely wipe out a company’s growth.


Over 90% of consumers research a company, product or service online before they make a purchase. Once they have honed in on a product, company or the CEO of a company, they search for that specific name. When they do, you better hope that there is no dirt on that name. If there is, you could also consider that lead, customer or fan lost forever.


Whether you are an athlete, consultant, celebrity or an Average Joe, you are still subject to online reputation damage. DUI’s, court cases, lawsuits, dud photos – all of these things could have your digital name stamped on it and this information can be presented by search engines to the world.


You need a solution for cleaning up your online reputation. Your strategy should be proactive and, in some cases, aggressive. The challenge is that most of the content can’t be removed from the internet because you can’t control the websites that the information has been posted on. With WSI’s help, however, you can work towards ensuring that the bad, horrible and even sometimes dirty content never gets found if they are searching for your name, your company or your product.


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