What do most people and companies do wrong when they start marketing through social media channels? They lack specific objectives and a overall plan. They usually don’t know who they will be targeting. Forrester, a marketing research company created the acronym POST.

This acronym is a methodology for companies to enter into social media marketing.

The POST method helps to address common questions like “should my company have a presence on Twitter?” or “why am I not getting a response from my blog?”.

The POST method stands for People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology.


This is all about reaching your targeted customer. What are their demographics and interests? Who are they? What social media channels are they using? If you are targeting college students, use social networks like Facebook.


What is your goals? Do you want to build trust and awareness? Credibility? Decide on your objectives before you decide which social media technology you will be using. Research how you will be measuring your results.


How will things be different for your company afterwards? Will you have lasting relationships with your customers? Do you want people to talk about your products? Plan your strategy on how social media will affect your company and services.


After you have decided on People, Objectives and your Strategy, decide on the best social media application and channel to use. If you will be blogging, what software will you be using? Are you going to use Wikis, YouTube or Facebook? Maybe you can create your own community?

Social Media Marketing and optimization takes time and dedication. Plan and research everything before venturing on social media channel without knowing the implications.

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