The start of a New Year is the perfect time to look at some of the video marketing trends that may emerge. Video has grown in popularity with more and more people watching video content on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and the rise of native video advertising on the web.

It is projected that 80% of internet traffic in 2019 will come from video, and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. For example, local telecommunications companies like MTN and Vodacom are encouraging the consumption of video by lowering data costs and introducing data lite platforms like MTN Shortz and Vodacom’s Video Play app. With this in mind, here are some of the trends to look out for in 2019:


  • Live Video


Engaging with audiences in real-time is becoming increasingly popular, with the advent of live video streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Live video is not only cheaper, but it is seen as more authentic – modern audiences are hungry for authenticity from brands. Live video is also interactive, giving audiences an opportunity to engage with brands in a face-to-face format.


  • Mobile First


Most user generated content is shot on a mobile. Brands are also exploiting the advanced video production capabilities of modern smartphones by shooting entire commercials on iPhone. What this means is that more mobile-friendly video content will be available online. The shape and size of handheld screens mean we’ll see more vertical and square-shaped video formats.


  • e-Learning


Video has encouraged the growth of online learning platforms. E-learning lets students engage with course material outside of a traditional classroom setting through video tutorials and live streaming. Webinars can be seen as a form of e-learning, where companies provide a teaching platform where they share industry insights and expertise.


  • Vlogging


Video blogs are quickly overtaking traditional blogs. Vlogs are engaging and have never been easier to make with vloggers using smartphones and free video editing software to get their content out there. For businesses, blogs are also a great brand-building tool, by driving awareness and allowing audiences to converse with the brand.

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