How many people visit your website in a month? Which pages are they clicking on and where are your website visitors from? Website analytics is one of the most vital components of your internet marketing campaign. Not only will this answer the above mentioned questions (and more), but it will also give you cold, hard numbers which prove whether your online marketing initiatives are working or not.

Whenever we launch a digital marketing campaign – whether it involves SEO services or Social Media Marketing – we use analytics to show our clients the results. Google Analytics will show you:

  • Which websites are referring to yours?
  •  How you can lower your shopping cart abandon rate?
  • What business goals are being achieved?
  •  What are your top keywords?
  •  Which countries your visitors are coming from?
  •  How your different customer segments interact with your website?
  •  Why are visitors leaving my site and where are they going afterwards?
  •  And lots more.

We also use a range of social media marketing analytics to show you whether these platforms are actually complimenting your website. We can show you who’s re-tweeting your posts, who’s sharing your content on Facebook and how many of your blog readers are clicking through to your website.

Website analytics gives you the tools to make good business decisions regarding your digital marketing initiatives. Whether you’ve already launched an internet marketing strategy or you’re simply wondering what type of activity your current website is getting – we can help you.

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